Friday, February 22, 2008

More Hip Hop Art Jumping!

These amazing photos were taken by Dakota Fine at the National Portrait Gallery's current exhibition, Recognize. Dakota and his friends took a million art jumping photos (not really, more like 50) at the show. They look awesome. I do believe that Dakota & Friends have raised the bar of Art Jumping excellence. Great work! If you are one of the people in these photos, please let me know and I can tag you/ link to you, whatever.

Thanks to Jim Rider from Washington, DC for identifying himself and a few of the artworks. Jim's the guy wearing sunglasses and doing the rock star guitar shredding pose. The first piece is graffiti outside the exhibit rooms called AREK by Tim Conlon and Dave Hupp. The other piece is LL COOL J by Kehinde Wiley.

Thanks for the submission, Dakota!

To see the rest of Dakota's Art Jumping pictures (I suggest you do), visit his Flickr site here

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