Saturday, February 2, 2008

How Adorable is Philippa?

Wow, Philippa Hughes took the best art jumping picture I have seen in a while. And this was only her first try!

I took this picture of Philippa this past Friday night at the opening of Collectors Select at the Arlington Arts Center. Here is a bit about the show:

"Collectors Select serves notice that people who purchase works of fine art are not merely decorating their homes or accumulating status. By organizing one of the six separate exhibitions that comprise this show, each collector included here not only demonstrates a singular aesthetic viewpoint, but also makes a passionate argument for what contemporary art can and should do."

Philippa, one of the collectors involved with the show, is jumping for the work of graffiti artist Tim Conlon. Tim and his crew worked directly on the walls of the Tiffany gallery. You can see pictures of the work here.

Thanks for jumping, Philippa!

1 comment:

Joe said...

Cute, stylish and with an excellent vertical leap! Go Philippa!