Monday, April 19, 2010

First Philippines Art Jump!

Maricel, Jennifer and Catherine from the Philippines, Art Jump for various artworks at Chelony's Art Workshop and Tutorial Services in Lipa City. Thanks, ladies!


chelonysart said...

hi , thanks for the post we love it , we will spread this site...thanks thanks thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey Allison I saw that photo of Maricel, Jennifer and Catherine jumping off the big green cubes and I had to laugh. These gals sure like the art in that Pilipino art gallery. I have to admit that jumping for joy looks a lot better when you are young and thin. You gals are so lucky that you have discovered art jumping and have a low BMI (low body mass index). I’m afraid that if I jumped the friendly security guard would run over and assist me, thinking I was having a cardiac and my jump was the last of my death spasms. I admire the fact that you look good when you jump for joy for art . I jump for joy, but I internalize it. I do a little jump inside my chest just like when you see a cute guy and your heart races a bit. What type of art makes you jump for joy?. I just love surrealism.