Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Art Room Jumping!

These pictures are by far the best JAM has seen in a while! Keziah, an art teacher in Washington DC, sent me these fantastic photos. Her students love art class and had to express their joy!

Thank you Keziah and thank you enthusiastic young artists for warming my heart on this cold DC morning.


Lazulipi said...

if you ever want to visit our classroom just visit our blog:


We LOVE art!!

cat said...

be entertained

cmarv said...

Does this teacher know about Means for Dreams? Its a web site where teachers can post about the class activities that they need funds for. People who visit the web site can donate money to help fund the activities. Actually, I just went to the web site and its now called Donors Choose - www.donorschoose.org. Please pass this info along to the teacher!