Friday, May 2, 2008

Get Ready...

... because Caroline Giegerich and friends are at it again. Prepare to be AMAZED!

So obviously, the following people are probably the world's hardest working Art Jumpers:

Kelly Browne, Ashmi Dang, Caroline Giegerich, Joolee Lee, Crystal Park, Sarah Petroski, Shannon Roop, Merrily Rees, Cynthia Singiser and the random Security Guard. Additional thanks is given to Martha Rivera & Leon.

They jumped for the work of Ryan McGuines and Olafur Eliasson at P.S 1 and for other various graffiti artists at 5 points, NYC.

Please visit Caroline's Art Jumping photo set on Flickr. Also, please check out her blog, the Daily Marauder.

Thank you so much for believing in Art Jumping, Caroline!

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