Saturday, March 15, 2008

Some Boston University MFA Students @ Robert Steele Gallery

Robert Steele Gallery is currently showing some work by Boston University MFA students. Veteran Art Jumper, Karen Myers, has the best paintings in the show (my opinion isn't biased or anything!) The opening was SO FUN, and of course, we Art Jumped all over that place. The show closes today, so if you are in the NYC area, I suggest you go and see it...

First we have American University MFA student, Kate Gartrell jumping for the work of her friend Monique Brideau. Next is Karen Myers, Mackenzie Klump and Dre Bergart jumping for their BU MFA colleuges... Oh, and some dude who I forgot his name who tried levitating or something. Nice try :) Lastly, myself jumping for one of Karen's paintings and a sculpture by Mackenzie Klump.

Congrats to all of the artists featured in the show:

Nina Bellucci
Monique Brideau
Michelle Dennis
Michael Garguilo
Mackenzie Klump
Elizabeth Menges
Karen Ann Myers
Nina Walicki

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

everyone should try levitating once in a while, it's not as easy as it looks...I believe if I am not mistaken, the gentleman to the left is often referred to affectionately as "the Garge (Michael Garguilo)." A very rare species not often seen in the wild, jumping for art.